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AP Physics

Week 13 (11/15-11/19)


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Heat vs. Temp, gas laws, heat expansion Calorimetry, phase changes Heat Transfer, 1st Law of Thermo Processes & cycles, P-V diagrams Thermo lab

Equipment needed:  pen/pencil, scientific calculator, notebook will be needed everyday


Chapter 10 website Practice Problems due Friday 11/19
Chapter 11 website Practice Problems due Friday 11/19

Chapter 12 website Practice Problems due Tuesday 11/23

Important Vocabulary:

bullettemperature, p. 334
bulletheat, p. 334
bulletinternal energy, p. 334
bulletideal gas law, p. 338
bulletmole, p. 340
bulletabsolute zero, p. 341
bulletKelvin temperature scale, p. 341
bulletthermal coefficient of linear expansion, p. 344
bulletthermal coefficient of area expansion, p. 345
bulletthermal coefficient of volume expansion, p. 345
bulletKinetic Theory of Gases, p. 348
bulletdiffusion, p. 349
bulletcalorie, p. 361
bulletBritish thermal unit, p. 362
bulletspecific heat, p. 363
bulletcalorimetry, p. 366
bulletcondensation point, p. 367
bulletsublimation, p. 367
bulletlatent heat, p. 368
bulletlatent heat of fusion, p. 368
bulletlatent heat of vaporization, p. 368
bulletthermal conductivity, p. 373
bulletconvection, p. 376
bulletradiation, p. 377
bulletinfrared radiation, p. 377
bulletStefan's law, p. 378
bulletBlackbody, p. 380

Important Equations:

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