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AP Physics

Week 27 (2/28-3/4)


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Image formation, spherical mirrors & lenses Multiple lens systems Lens lab Lens lab Test--Geometric Optics

Featured Link:  Ishihara Test for color blindness & understanding color blindness

Hey! Check out this article on How Camera Flashes Work!  Capacitors, and transformers, and semiconductors, oh my!

Equipment needed:  pen/pencil, scientific calculator, notebook will be needed everyday


Unit 11--Geometric Optics

Chapter 23 Problems pp. 736740: Due Thursday 3/3
Plane Mirrors: 12, 13, 16
Spherical Mirrors:  24, 25, 30, 33, 34, 36, 43
Lenses:  55, 59, 61, 66, 68,  

AP Problems due Monday 3/3
1993B4, 1986B6

Main concepts

law of reflection
specular vs. diffuse reflection
Snell's Law
Index of refraction (material effect on speed and wavelength)
total internal reflection

image formation
plane mirrors
converging and diverging mirrors & lenses
ray tracing
focal point
real vs. virtual images
spherical aberration
Image equations
Lensmaker's equation

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