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AP Physics

Week 28 (3/7-3/11)


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Test--Geometric Optics Young's double slit experiment, wave nature of light Diffraction & interference Thin film interference, Polarization Diffraction activity

Test--Physical Optics Monday 3/14

Featured Link:  Ishihara Test for color blindness & understanding color blindness

Hey! Check out this article on How Camera Flashes Work!  Capacitors, and transformers, and semiconductors, oh my!

Equipment needed:  pen/pencil, scientific calculator, notebook will be needed everyday


Unit 12--Physical Optics

Chapter 24 problems pp. 768772: due Friday 3/11
Young's Double Slit Experiment:  8, 13, 16
Thin film interference:  25, 26, 
Diffraction:  39, 41, 47, 49
Polarization:  60, 61, 62

AP Problems due Friday 3/11
1984B5, 1996B3

Main concepts

Useful links:    
AP Yearly Schedule
Your textbook companion site,

Physics Classroom
Light as a wave

Java games
Light and Waves

    How Light Works
    How Light Sticks Work
    How Black Lights Work
    How Light Bulbs Work
    How Lasers Work
    How Vision Works
    How Fluorescent Lamps Work
    Why is the sky blue?
    How Telescopes Work
    How the Hubble Space Telescope Works
    How Microscopes Work
    How Fresnel Lenses Work
    How Cameras Work

    How X-rays Work
    Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD

Career Links
International Society for Optical Engineering