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Honors Physics

Week 13 (11/15-11/19)


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Inclines, Gravitation Circular motion, centripetal acceleration Centripetal Force Friction as centripetal force gravity as centripetal force, satellite motion

Test--Forces on Monday 11/22

Equipment needed:  pen/pencil, scientific calculator, notebook will be needed everyday

Practice 4C p. 145 (1, 3) due Monday 11/15
Practice 4D p. 147 (1, 3) due Monday 11/15
Ch. 4 Section 4 review p. 149 due Monday 11/15

Practice 7G p. 258 (1,4,5) due Friday 11/19
Practice 7H p. 261 (1,4) due Friday 11/19
Practice 7I p. 265 (3) due Friday 11/19

Important Vocabulary:

Important Equations:

Pythagorean theorem diagram
images from The Physics Classroom

ΣF = ma

Fg = mg    Fg = Gm1m2/r2

Ff = μFN

Fc = mv2/r    ac = v2/r

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