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Honors Physics

Week 15 (11/29-12/3)


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Work, Energy, & Power Mechanical Work Kinetic Energy Work-Energy Theorem Mid Term Review

Mid-Term on Wednesday 12/8

Featured Link:  SMECO and BGE (yep, you have to pay for electricity)

Equipment needed:  pen/pencil, scientific calculator, notebook will be needed everyday

Electric meter readings (3 over break)  due Monday 11/29
Practice 5A p. 170 (1, 3)  due Wednesday 12/1
Ch. 5 Section 1 Review p. 171 (1-4) due Wednesday 12/1

Important Vocabulary:

Important Equations:

Pythagorean theorem diagram
images from The Physics Classroom

W = Flld

P = W/t

Useful links:    
Your textbook companion site,

Physics Classroom

Java Games

    How Force, Power, Torque, and Energy Work
    How Roller Coasters Work
    How Air Bags Work

Fear of Physics

Physicist Biographies on
    Isaac Newton

    Convert units automatically online
    Scientific Notation practice