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Honors Physics

Week 23 (1/31-2/4)


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Electric Force Electric Field Strength Electric Field Lines Chapter Review Chapter 17 Quiz

Featured Link:  Static Electricity on Physics Classroom

Equipment needed:  pen/pencil, scientific calculator, notebook will be needed everyday

Due Monday 1/31
Ch 17 Section 1 Review (1, 3, 4, 5) p. 633
Practice 17A (1-3) p. 636
Practice 17B (1, 2) p. 639

Due Thursday 2/3
Practice 17D (1-3) p. 647
Section 3 Review (1-4) p. 652

Important Vocabulary:

Important Equations:

Pythagorean theorem diagram
images from The Physics Classroom

Fe = kQ1Q2/r2

Useful links:    
Your textbook companion site,

Physics Classroom
Static Electricity

Java Games
    Conservation of energy vs conservation of momentum

How Lightning Works
    How Capacitors Work
    How flash memory works
    How Van de Graff Generators Work
    How Photocopiers Work

Career Links
    The institute of electrical engineers

Summer Opportunities
University of Maryland
    All summer programs (all fields)
    Young Scholars Program
    E2@UMD (Women in Engineering)
Virginia Tech
    C-Tech2 (Women in Science, Math, & Engineering)
University of Virginia
    4-Star Summer Camps
Penn State
    MTM Engineering Camp (Women in Engineering)
Drexel University
    College of Engineering Summer Mentorship Program
George Washington University
    Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program