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Honors Physics

Week 31 (4/4-4/8)


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Heat vs. Temperature, Temp scales Specific heat Calorimetry Calorimetry Latent Heat

Featured Link: How Electric Guitars Work

Featured Summer opportunity:      IUP's Summer Honors Program (scholarships available!!!)

Equipment needed:  pen/pencil, scientific calculator, notebook will be needed everyday


Due Friday 4/8
Chapter 10 section 1 review (1-5) p. 364
Practice 10B (4, 5) p. 370
Practice 10C (1,2,5) p. 374

Important Equations:

Pythagorean theorem diagram
images from The Physics Classroom

Q = mcDT

Useful links:    
Your textbook companion site,

Physics Classroom
Static Electricity

Java games
Magnetic Force
    Motional Emf

How Electromagnets Work
    How Atom Smashers Work
    How MagLev Trains Work
    How Speakers Work
    How Electric Motors Work
    How MRI Works
    How Electric Guitars Work

Career Links
    The institute of electrical engineers

Summer Opportunities
    Maryland Leadership Workshops
    Maryland Summer Centers for Gifted and Talented Students (engineering, art, law, and lots more!)
University of Maryland
    All summer programs (all fields)
    Young Scholars Program
    E2@UMD (Women in Engineering)
Virginia Tech
    C-Tech2 (Women in Science, Math, & Engineering)
University of Virginia
    4-Star Summer Camps
Penn State
    MTM Engineering Camp (Women in Engineering)
Drexel University
    College of Engineering Summer Mentorship Program
George Washington University
    Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program
New York
    National Institute for Leadership and Ethics (Engineering, as well as politics, art, & business)
    Barnard pre-college program (Young women's leadership, summer in NYC)
New Hampshire
    Exeter Summer School (intense active learning academics)