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Honors Physics

Week 32 (4/11-4/15)


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1st Law of Thermo Types of Thermodynamic processes 2nd Law of Thermo Review Test--Heat and Thermodynamics

Featured Link: How Sunburns Work

Thermoacoustics with Ben & Jerry's
Penn State's Thermoacoustics project

Featured Summer opportunity:      IUP's Summer Honors Program (scholarships available!!!)

Equipment needed:  pen/pencil, scientific calculator, notebook will be needed everyday


Due Friday 4/8
Chapter 10 section 1 review (1-5) p. 364
Practice 10B (4, 5) p. 370
Practice 10C (1,2,5) p. 374

Important Equations:

Pythagorean theorem diagram
images from The Physics Classroom

Q = mcDT

Useful links:    
Your textbook companion site,

Physics Classroom

Java games

How Home Thermostats Work
    How Dippy Birds Work
    How Thermometers Work
    How Air Conditioners Work
    How Snow Makers Work
    How Refrigerators Work

    How Car Engines Work
    How Stirling Engines Work
    How Rotary Engines Work
    How Car Cooling Systems Work
    How Jet Engines Work
    How Rocket Engines Work
    How Two-Stroke Engines Work
    How Diesel Engines Work
    How Steam Engines Work

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