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Honors Physics

Week 5 (9/20-9/24)


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Quiz--acceleration Kinematic equations Kinematic Equations, Falling objects Falling Objects

Chapter 2 Test--Monday 9/27

Equipment needed:  pen/pencil, scientific calculator, notebook will be needed everyday


Practice 2C Problems 1,3,5 (p. 53)  due Friday 9/24
Practice 2D Problems 1,3 (p. 55)  due Friday 9/24
Practice 2E Problems 3,5 (p. 58)  due Friday 9/24
Practice 2F Problems 1,3 (p. 64)  due Friday 9/24

Important Vocabulary:

bulletpositive acceleration
bulletnegative acceleration
bulletdeceleration (not the same as negative acceleration)

Watch out for misconceptions!

bulletnegative acceleration does not always mean an object is slowing down
(see table 2-3 on p. 51)
bulletAcceleration is a vector, and must have a direction.
bulletNegative signs denote direction.  Negative velocity means velocity in the negative direction.  Negative acceleration means acceleration in the negative direction.

Important Equations:

a = Δv/Δt

vave = 1/2 (vi + vf)


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