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AP Physics C--Electricity & Magnetism

Week 36 (5/8-5/12)


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The Big Day Recover from The Big Day Molly may be dancing by today Pat and Andy move on with their plans of world domination Dennis openly questions his own existence

Final Exam on Wednesday May 17

AP Electricity & Magnetism Exam--Monday 5/8 2:00

Scholarship Opportunities:  
*NEW* Fisher Scholarship (one for science majors, one for engineers, full tuition to Towson)
Bell Scholarship (full tuition to Boston University!)
    UMBC Meyerhoff Scholarship        SAE Scholarships
    Northrop Grumman Engineering Scholars ($10K, just for maryland residents, SEE GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT FOR DETAILS!!)


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Calculus Help

Physics Classroom

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Lego Mindstorms

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