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Lab 2--Constructing Capacitors

Ever tried to make a capacitor out of common household items?  Probably not.  Ever wondered what the dielectric constant of play-doh was?  Okay, small chance there.  Ever wanted to tear apart your computer, TV, or anything electronic?  If you did, you'd see little cylinders all over the place.  Those are capacitors.  They're not that difficult to make yourself.  These students used a wide array of materials, from aluminum foil to street signs.  Check out the results!

Molly Burtenshaw, King Celeste, Andy Peterson, Pat Kleespies, Becky Perry

Becca Jackson, Keely Murphy, Andrew Bauder, Steven Fisher

Brittany Lee, Aaron Orlandi, Sarah Xinis, Zack Hollenczer

Rick Chun, Dennis Waldron, Kyle Desautels, Chris Walter-Sherbert

David Kent, Gregg Hunter, Kevin Keating, Josh Disharoon