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The College Life

Did you know the University of Virginia was ranked last year as the second best public university in the nation?  See how US News & World Report ranks the nations colleges and universities. 

A complete profile of college engineering programs throughout the US and Canada.  If you're considering a major in engineering, you can't pass up this resource!

How College Financial Aid Works
"Paying for college is a family affair--parents and students work together to make college affordable."  Jim Belvin

American Institute of Physics
Find out what people do with physics and engineering degrees! See what they get paid, too.

Find accredited engineering programs in the USA and around the world.
Use the search engine here to find colleges that offer physics or any other field that interests you.

College and University Programs
In State
Physics Engineering
The University of Maryland The University of Maryland
HOME: The Johns Hopkins University HOME: The Johns Hopkins University
Salisbury University  
Washington College Washington College

Out of State

Physics Engineering
University of Pittsburgh | University of Pittsburgh |
US News' Top Picks
Physics Engineering
Stanford Engineering
The University of California, Berkeley

University Honors Colleges/Programs
During your high school years, many of you have chosen to challenge yourself with a demanding schedule of classes and activities.  In college, many opportunities exist for well-rounded, determined students like you.  University honors colleges provide an opportunity for students like you to join a community dedicated to learning.  They provide an academically challenging and enriching environment, closer-knit communities and classes, and access to more scholarships.  The philosophy and requirements of each honors college is unique, and some may fit your interests better than others, so I encourage you to explore these opportunities.  Most colleges have some sort of honors program now, but I've picked out a few of the better ones in the area to give you an idea of what they can offer.

    Robert E Cook Honors College at Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    University Honors Program and Gemstone at University of Maryland
    Schreyer Honors College at Penn State
    Towson University Honors College
    UMBC Honors College
    James Madison University Honors Program

Scholarship Opportunities
Fisher Scholarship (one for science majors, one for engineers, full tuition to Towson)
UMBC Meyerhoff Scholarship
SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Scholarships
    Society of Women Engineers (1K-10K)
    Society of Women Engineers-Baltimore/Washington Section (Mar 1 deadline, application in word format)
    International Technology Education Association ($500-1K)
    Northrop Grumman Engineering Scholars ($10K, just for maryland residents, SEE GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT FOR DETAILS!!)
    National Institute of Health Scholarship (biomediical, behavioral, social sciences, up to $20K)
    Maryland Distinguished Scholar Award (juniors, minimum 3.7 GPA)
    Maryland Delegate Scholarship (state delegate nomination required, deadline is Mar 1)
    Maryland Senatorial Scholarship (state senator nomination required, deadline is Mar 1)

Scholarship searches & lists
    Maryland Higher Education Commission
    College Board Scholarship Search

Often, each university will have pages with a list of many of their scholarship opportunities
    Maryland Scholarship Page
    NC State Scholarship Page

Summer Opportunities
University of Maryland
    All summer programs (all fields)
    Young Scholars Program
    E2@UMD (Women in Engineering)
Virginia Tech
    C-Tech2 (Women in Science, Math, & Engineering)
University of Virginia
    4-Star Summer Camps
NC State
    Engineering Summer Programs
Penn State
    MTM Engineering Camp (Women in Engineering)
Drexel University
    College of Engineering Summer Mentorship Program
George Washington University
    Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program
New York
    National Institute for Leadership and Ethics (Engineering, as well as politics, art, & business)
    Barnard pre-college program (Young women's leadership, summer in NYC)
    Maryland Leadership Workshops
New Hampshire
    Exeter Summer School (intense active learning academics)