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Coursework Links

         Holt Physics
AP Textbook Site                 Honors Physics Textbook Site

AP Yearly Schedule Broken down week by week

Homework Helper Links

  Learn how stuff works.  It's that simple!

 Great for outside studying all year!

Like to play while you learn?  This site is for you!!

Physics Hypertextbook
A free, online textbook.  It's still under construction, but it covers the major topics.

Visual examples, homework help, and a physics dictionary

A Dictionary of Physics

Virtual  Physics  Simulations
Virtual labs on all sorts of topics

News/Fun Links

Yep, we have a great library system.  Check out the Fairview branch in Owings or the Twin Beaches branch in Chesapeake Beach.

Each AP class has a page devoted to it.

The New York Times On The Web
Great science section!  Updates every Tuesday.
Username: nhsphysics     Password: nhsphysics

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics

Government Guide
Enter in your ZIP code, and find out who represents you at all levels of government.  See how they vote!  Contact them!  Make a difference, VOTE!!!