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Honors Physics

Week 1 (8/24-8/27)


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
NO SCHOOL Class Expectations What's in the box? Why study physics? Lab Safety, safety quiz, textbooks

Equipment needed:  pen/pencil, scientific calculator, notebook will be needed everyday

Assignments:  1) Obtain a notebook by Wednesday
                            2)  Fill out and return your Student Info Form by Thursday
                            3)  Lab safety quiz on Friday
                            4)  Weekend Assignment

bulletWeekend Assignment from (due Mon 8/30)
bulletFind an article that is relevant to your life and/or interests
bulletIdentify what area of physics it relates to and how.
bulletIdentify the chapter in the book most relevant to the article

Important Vocabulary:

Important Equations:

Useful links:     Your textbook companion site,
                            How Sunburns Work,
                            Why take High School Physics?
                            How Planet Hunting Works


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