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Who is Mr. Schneider?

The History
This is my fifth year at Northern High School, and my eighth year in the world of teaching.  I attended the Robert E. Cook Honors College at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, but I can trace my career choice back to 10th grade when my algebra teacher tried to discourage me from talking throughout class by handing me the chalk and placing me in front of the group.  On the way here, though, I have tried every side road I passed.  Iíve explored interests including poetry, photography, drama, philosophy, volleyball, tennis, and radio broadcasting.  Iíve studied abroad twice, including stints at the University of Cambridge in England and Vienna, Austria.  I highly encourage all students to check out the many opportunities to study abroad.  Heck, I encourage travel in every way, having spent 5 weeks in the summer of 2006 exploring 12 cities in the US, Canada, and Mexico, last summer visiting Greece and London, and this summer exploring Central Europe.  I graduated just more than eight years ago with a major in Physics Education and a minor in Philosophy, and I recently earned my Masters in Educational Technology.  I left my hometown of Pittsburgh, and my beloved Steelers, to see if I could become a good teacher and enjoy it at the same time.  After eight years, all of which I am sure is that this journey has no finish line.  I think I like it that way.

The Robert E. Cook Honors College

My Philosophy

I take pride in the effort I put toward using enough practical examples and methods of explanation to allow every student to make a personal connection with the subject matter, but it is the studentsí responsibility to find the connection and ask the appropriate questions.  In addition to in class work days, questions can be presented during my planning period, lunch, after school, or even in an email.  Iím never out of reach.  With your help, our class can be quite a stimulating and enjoyable one.

Expect to devote much time to homework problems.  I expect my students to work outside of class on problems and other assignments and come to class prepared to ask specific and informed questions.  There will be in class work days for group and individual tutoring, but expecting oneself to complete all the weekís assignments during a single period is unrealistic.  The pace can be intensive at times, and the material is challenging, but no student will be lost who is willing to ask questions. 

My Responsibilities

bulletMaintain a safe & positive learning environment
bulletPresent material in a clear, understandable manner
bulletCreate and present clear expectations
bulletProvide useful and timely feedback

Each Student's Responsibilities

bulletCome to class consistently and prepared to learn
bullet Be respectful of teachers, classmates, and the learning environment
bulletPut your best effort into every assignment
bulletKeep your area clean
bullet Ask questions when you need to