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This site offers you a way to keep in touch with me and informed about what your child is studying. 

Nothing helps students succeed quite like active and involved parents.  Just by being here, you demonstrate an interest in your child's education. 

Feel free to browse the site throughout the year.  If you're curious about the topics we're exploring in class, follow a couple of the links provided.  There are great articles for all ages.

Keep talking.  Talk to your child.  Talk to me.  Talk to each other.  Bring up physics at the dinner table.  Keep an eye open to what is possible and what isn't while watching movies.  Science is about curiosity, plain and simple.  I like physics.  I want you to, as well.

Explore the college info page to help you prepare for your child's life after graduation.  Follow the links to university programs in and out of state to see what it takes to major in physics or engineering and discover how college financial aid works.  Explore the American Institute of Physics website to see what people are doing with physics and engineering degrees, as well as how much they're being paid to do it.

Feel free to contact me at any time throughout the year.  You can reach me by phone at Northern High School at 410-257-1519 or 301-855-6416.  My email address is  Email is usually easier.